By accident or on purpose / does the camera at times / catch items that cannot / be taken as concrete.

dated 2014 until 2016 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
stuur een bericht naar de kunstenaar

"It does matter"


(zeer beperkte oplage; in overleg te verkrijgen)

Cracks and Legs


"No resistance is effective / against my senses telling / I'm looking at cracks / in my conscience / and legs that have / long disappeared"

Paper fragments-2


Yesterday I walked the city / looking for pieces left behind / at earlier moments.

Earth' veins


Blossoms appear / when the earth' veins rupture   (Garden of Palacio de Medina Sidonia, Sunlacur de Barrameda, Spain)



The contrast between presence and absence / is nowhere greater / than in our lagging memory. ("On the road", area Merida)

Outlook - 4


Everyday / I learn something new.   (Abandoned building, Extremadura)



"So you think this an item"

The dog and the rabbit


The Dog and the Rabbit If thoughts / chase reality / you better hide / for the hunter / to pass. Mixed media: clay with stick and thread on rusted metal.
(size 90x60 cm)

Trust me


Trust me / with these cuts / and innovations / with concrete plans / and wooden heads / we will succeed / in the design of / a new Europe (inspired by Le Courboisier, theme: temporary sculptures) (photo in limited number)

Without guilt


Something in beleif / does reject stains / while the nucleus / of being / is a certain measure / of superficiality. (Quote by artist Jacques de Santo Torres, 1888-1972)

Abstract sold for 280 K


This abstract work / from the rather obscure Schwiss painter / David von Aschenstadt / was sold last week / at Christies for 260,000 USD. // His only living heir Martin / has abjected all forms of kapitalism. // Therefore, a Nigerian office may approach you / to cash the benefits / if only you pay 120 USD money for transfer. (available in highly limited number of a total of 6 prints - glycee)

Wires and square - mill


Let the wind fall / upon me / and grind the wheat corns.
(Palma de Mallorca)

Soon this seed will sprout


Soon this seed will sprout: Soon this seed will sprout / and grow a tree / firm and solid. // In it's utter will / to support / the weary and weak / at their walk / at the stairs towards below.    (garden of Museum Pilar & Juan Miro, Palma de Mallorca)                        

light of flame-3


Someone passed by / with a black head / and no eyes. // Asked for my camera / and returned six hours late / without saying.



Tarning: aims to cover up / or make look different / or even disappear. (Photography series "Behind the Facade", print on cloth)